Our mission is to be a prime supplier for chemicals and engineering solutions locally and internationally through our following main divisions:

Water & Waste Water Treatment

The Division is active in the promotion and selling of water treatment components including Reverse Osmosis membranes, membrane vessels, chlorine dioxide generators, UV, ozone systems, screens, dosing skids and other related equipment.

This Division is also active in the promotion and selling of waste water treatment Equipment such as water screens, chemical mixers, chemical pumps, valves and other related equipment

In addition, we have worked for many years with most of the major OEMs in the region and have supplied the following products:

  • RO membranes
  • RO vessels
  • Water treatment dosing systems
  • Water treatment online monitoring and control (PH, ORP, Conductivity, O2)

Our technical support includes providing RO design, membranes projection, antiscalant projection in addition to supervision on fabrication, installation and commissioning.

After-sales service is extended to cover trouble shooting, RO cleaning, and other related services.


The Division activities include the promotion and selling specialty and commodity chemicals as follows:

  • Industrial chemicals
  • Agro chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical chemicals

Among the products supplied are Sodium Tripolyphospahtes, Sodium Perborates, Sodium Sulfide and solvents for many industries including detergent Industry, pesticides Industry, and beverage industry.

Refrigeration & Cooling

This Division activities focus on the supply of Cooling and Refrigeration Equipment including the supply of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors, cooling towers and evaporative condensers. 

This division also provides the technical & engineering support and after-sales service to customers.